JAMESTOWN, N.Y. -- Four families in Jamestown were evicted from their apartment building Friday afternoon after city officials condemned it, without notice, due to a cockroach infestation.

Residents at 300 East 2nd Street say they were blindsided by the city's decision. 

City officials say over the past month, garbage bags coming from that building have been too infested to be collected by the BPU.

The residents admitted that there is a cockroach problem and that exterminators have been there recently, but it has not helped. They were extremely upset with the lack of notice.

"We didn't go to court, they didn't give us a 30-day notice, just, you know at 2 o'clock, get your stuff and leave. That's all we got," said Anthony Rios, Jamestown resident.

"It's a high-density area where people live and we just can't have this type of infestation spreading to other apartments and you just have to put a stop to it," said Vince DeJoy, Jamestown Director Of Development.

The Department of Social Services was contacted to assist the families with hotel accommodations until the extermination is complete. City code officials are working with the landlord's exterminator to eradicate the cockroaches.