ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The Amalgamated Transit Union, or ATU, that represents RGRTA workers held a rally Thursday morning to protest the company's decision to end transportation for the Rochester City School District starting July 1. The move would cost nearly 150 workers their jobs.

The union rallied outside RGRTA headquarters. Union representatives said the decision made by CEO Bill Carpenter to end the busing of city school district students came without a vote from the board and leaves the district with little options.

Carpenter announced his decision last month to end the companies long-standing relationship with the district after continued violence involving students at the company's downtown transit center. Union representatives said Carpenter's proposal is not the answer.

"His decision is going to put more kids in the transit center not less. Again, about 7,000 kids a day never go to the transit center. With his (Carpenter's) decision, there is going to be 7,000 more kids in the transit center everyday. So it's just poor management, poor management," said union president Jacques Chapman.

The union said the solution to the transit center violence is to bus students directly from their neighborhoods to school, eliminating transit center congestion.

Time Warner Cable News reached out to the RGRTA for comment. Leaders said they stand by their decision to end student busing.