She dons a crown, a sash, even walks like royalty. But before high school on a Wednesday morning, Holly Niefergold has chores to get done.

"So in here I have to spray the robot, so they can milk in most efficient quality," Niefergold said. 

The robot that milks the family's roughly 125 dairy cows. Once that cleanup is complete, it's on to the barn.

"Every morning, the feed is cleaned out of the mangers, so it is fresh," she showed. 

You better believe the sophomore at North Collins Junior/Senior High School does that, too. 

"Yes, we have to be able to do chores on our farm," she smiled under her mask.

As a state diary princess, Niefergold has to do much more. The process alone to even compete proves she knows her stuff -- speeches, presentations, and that's just the start.

"A product knowledge test, where were tested on our knowledge of the dairy industry," she recalled.

And prove you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, for the good of the cows and the industry as a whole. As the Erie County Princess, she created an Instagram page full of on-the-farm videos. She had to get creative with their bovine outreach. 

With COVID-19 still lingering, Niefergold is expanding her online presence with her new title. After all, it's her royal duty to educate. 

"We are just like you, we are all human, this is just how we make a living, by living on a farm. We have to get dirty, we have to do chores, we have to have time management and responsibility."

And as mom Emily says, take life as it comes.

"Something might happen that you weren't planning for, but it might turn out to be great in the end," Emily said. "Obviously, you have to make sacrifices also." 

It's something Emily is proud to have instilled in Holly and her siblings. The state title now gives Niefergold a larger platform to share those same lessons by introducing us to cows like to depict how life on the farm works.

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