One man and his sons are heading back inside after spending a week on the streets.

Pastor Eric Johns has been living with the homeless the week of Thanksgiving for 22 years.

In recent years, his teenage sons have joined him in the mission of raising awareness for the less fortunate and making sure people know that they can help through boxes of love.

That's a program Johns puts on through the Buffalo Dream Center. They make sure people have groceries for the Christmas holidays and kids have a present to unwrap on Christmas morning.  

"There's a lot more joy in living your life for others,” said Johns. “That's one thing I've discovered and making sure that other people have their needs met is just something that we've, it's just been a part of who we are as the Johns family, and at the Dream Center, and we get a lot of joy and satisfaction out of helping others."

Pastor Johns will spend the next few weeks getting all of those boxes of love ready with volunteers.

He says the Dream Center plans to help around 3000 families this year.