Cleanup efforts are underway in downtown Buffalo following a night of unrest which led to violence and destruction in parts of the city.

Several windows and doors are now boarded up after being shattered at Buffalo City Hall, where the rally began Saturday afternoon.



Buffalo police say groups of people tore through the city causing damage and destruction, much of which was caught on surveillance cameras, including one individual who tried to light part of city hall on fire by throwing a burning box into an office building.



Down Delaware Avenue, windows from Statler City were smashed in, replaced with signs.

The remnants of fireworks and used milk from pepper spray litter the ground.

As the sun came up, folks were out cleaning. Among them was Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, who joined the cleanup effort.



In the Elmwood Village, storefronts are now boarded by pieces of wood. The Bank of America was also damaged along with other storefronts.

Folks there cleaning are doing so as quickly as possible.

Main Street is much calmer now compared to last night. Storefront after storefront show evidence of the damage. Some businesses are now boarded up.

A cell phone and jewelry store were looted. Residents are working to swiftly board up what’s left in case of a second round of demonstrations.