The person who will be determining a lot of policy under the Trump administration is incoming Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. 

Price is an Orthopedic Surgeon turned politican and now Represents Georgia in the House of Representatives. 

He's a stark opponent of the ACA.

“Ever since President Obama and the Democrat-led Congress passed Obamacare the failures have been piling up," Price said.

Price will hold temendous power and over see HHS which has a budget of more than $1 trillion. 

University at Buffalo Senior Associate Dean for Health Policy Nancy Nielsen said she knows Price well after working with him during her time in Washington as a health policy advisor and as the past president of the American Medical Association.

"He knows this issues as well as anybody on the Republican side, other than, perhaps Paul Ryan," Nielsen said. "So it was an interesting choice of someone who was fiercely opposed to Obamacare and very committed to the doctor-patient relationships. And I say all of that as a good thing, but there are some very worrisome, negative things that we have to try to ameloriate."

However, Neilsen disagrees with some of Price's thoughts on replacing the ACA.

Price has introduced several bills since 2009 proposing changes to the ACA - many of which reflect House Speaker Paul Ryan's "Better Way" plan. 

Some of those provisions include allowing insurance companies to charge higher rates to older adults than younger ones. 

Right now the ACA allows a three times higher premium, and Republicans are proposing five-times higher.

It also includes expanded use of high-deductible health plans paired with tax-free health savings accounts, more high-risk pools for the sickest patients, and restructuring Medicare and Medicaid.

"He's very much for the government not getting in the way of the doctor-patient relationship," Nielsen said. "I think that virtually every doctor would agree with that. Where there have been significant disagreements is how he envisions that in terms of implementation. Concept good. Implementation, the jury is out."

Republicans have not put a dollar amount on how much their plan will cost.