For the past few months, many health events have focused primarily on the coronavirus. But that doesn't mean all other sicknesses and ailments take a break.

That's why the Erie County Health Department held a pop-up health event on Saturday.

There was free on-site HIV testing, free Narcan Kits, and sexual health information available.

The main goal was for people to remain vigilant for all health issues, not just COVID-19.

"You can not forget the rest of your health," Erie County Health Department Medical Care Administer Cheryll Moore said. "Your blood pressure did not go away. Your diabetes did not go away. Your HIV status didn't go away. Your STD status didn't go away. Your substance abuse status. They're not gone. We need to take care of them. We need to manage them. Some things are available through telehealth. Other things, someone just wants to talk to someone."

Members of the Erie County opiate epidemic task force also helped distribute Narcan boxes to businesses and reading material.