LOCKPORT, N.Y. — Lockport bus drivers want the school board to make some changes. They let their frustrations out at a school board meeting.

Drivers say they can't do their job safely because kids are mistreating them on their routes or not following safety protocols. And when disciplinary forms are filed by the drivers, they say they have seen no action taken.

In order to fix this problem, the drivers say more staff, like bus aides, need to be hired. One bus driver was so distraught about the behavior of kids on her route that she walked off the job for a day.

"These kids are too important," said driver Lisa Szpakowski. "We've got to stop catering to these bad children. It's detrimental to the education of all the others."

Spectrum News 1 has reached out to the Lockport school board for comment and has not yet heard back.