ALDEN, N.Y. — Two elderly men died when a boat capsized on a small lake in Alden, about 20 miles outside of Buffalo.

The men were identified as Paul Nowak, 62, of Akron, and Russell Bolognese, 71, of Amherst. 

State police say Nowak yelled for help after their rowboat overturned. 

Friends were able to find Nowak and pulled him ashore while others looked for Bolognese. He was found by a State Trooper who is also a member of the New York State Police Underwater Recovery Team. 

According to state police, the Akron Rotary Club was holding a fishing event on North Millgrove Lake, a private pond.

There were three different boats out on the water when Nowak and Bolognese's boat overturned around 11:30 a.m.

Troopers said the two victims were not believed wearing lifejackets.