Buffalo is living up to its name of being the City of Good Neighbors once again.

“It is getting hard, the struggle is getting worse,” Felicia Williamson, My Precious Angels Child Care executive director said.

As Western New Yorkers continue to socially distance themselves, they still find a way to come together.

“We can continue to keep our first responders and their children safe so they have the peace of mind knowing that their kids are safe and they’re in a clean environment while they are out protecting ourselves,” said Laura Farmer, the owner of Steam It.

Steam It is a subsidiary of NYCS Janitorial. They provide steam sanitizing services. After seeing our story last week on local daycares needing supplies and resources to help them survive the coronavirus pandemic, they decided to step up and help out.

They committed to providing their services to local daycares and first responders free of charge.

“To be able to clean any type of bacteria, any type of virus, it only takes two seconds of contact to be able to kill it, so it is definitely a machine that we’re able to do a higher volume and we’re able to be as efficient as possible,” Farmer said.

On Wednesday, the cleaning company stopped by My Precious Angels Child Care in Buffalo to sanitize their building at no cost.

“This is a very scary time that we’re living in right now, we don’t know what things look like, we don’t know if someone is going to come in, possibly having been exposed to someone that has it, so getting the daycares steam cleaned gives us the security that we can come here and know everything’s been disinfected,” Williamson said.

The cleaning company wants to also raise money for the Food Bank of Western New York. They’re looking to do drive-thru cleaning, where they clean people’s cars for a $5 fee. A majority of the money raised would then go to the food bank. All they need is for someone to donate a tent and provide a venue like a school parking lot.

“Even if we can give one person an afternoon or day of not worrying about stress, that’s something that we’d like to offer to people to know that they’re clean, they’re safe and that we’re providing them with a safe environment,” Farmer said.

“This means a lot from the daycare community sides of things, to have someone that is offering to give up their time and their service the way Laura and Karl are, it’s awesome, we need more people like them,” Williamson said.

If you want to help out the cleaning company or use their services, check out their website.