As social distancing guidelines continue, many people are looking for ways to stay physically and mentally active. That’s why the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo is releasing a wellness kit this week with things people can do.  

One of the things it mentions is quite simple — just taking time for yourself every day. According to the institute, even 20 minutes can make a difference. Also included in the kit are recommendations for psychical activity. Institute CEO Phillip Haberstro says it differs with age, but he encourages moderate activity.    

He recommends at least 30 minutes, five days a week for adults and 60 minutes for kids. He says it can be accumulated from walking 10 minutes at a time either at the park or just around your house. But he also says social connectiveness is important too.

“It’s called social capital. It’s the levels of trust and reciprocity that exists in communities and you can see that being acted on right now. And so communities that have higher levels of capital, they are economically more successful, healthier. So for us to find smart ways to maintain our social connectiveness without putting ourselves at risk is one of the things we are advocating for,” said Haberstro.

The kits can be found here.