Once upon a time, in a magical place called Grand Island, there was a giant who slumbered at an amusement park known as Fantasy Island.

"It was right around the little train,” David McCormick, of Grand Island said. “Everyone remembers that."

Travelers from near and far were captivated by his red and green attire.

"What is it, Gulliver,” McCormick asked. “That's what everyone has been calling him."

He was a sight to see. Then one cold February day, Fantasy Island filed for bankruptcy. Soon, the kingdom Gulliver called home began to disappear around him, ride by ride.

But then the patriarch of a family known as the McCormick's had an idea.

You see, his two sons tended to Fantasy Island's pools and the children who enjoyed them. With the closure of the amusement park, McCormick had an idea: save some of the kingdom and bring it to his own.

"Anything, the Ferris Wheel was too expensive," McCormick laughed.

As the world was grappling with a terrible virus, McCormick just wanted to make people smile.

"People walk past on this bike path all the time,” he said. “You know what's going with the coronavirus; people aren't smiling as much anymore. So, now it's pretty funny to watch them stop and take pictures."

From near and far more travelers were coming to see the new bed of grass where Gulliver peacefully slept.

"I heard about it on social media and I thought I have to see it for myself," Vincent Golda of Grand Island said.

Golda was very happy to the beloved sleeping giant will forever slumber on Grand Island.

"It's awesome," Golda smiled.

For McCormick, spreading joy across the land was his main mission. But he also felt compelled in his heart of hearts to do something more.

"Just keeping a little memory of the island," McCormick said.

Gulliver will make his final travels to the backyard, to slumber in the flower bed, where he will sleep happily ever after.