One of President Trump's earliest supporters is from Buffalo, and he still believes in him.

Local developer and former gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino served as Trump's New York state co-chair for his 2016 bid for president, and still thinks Trump will be president until 2024, despite the race being called by the AP.

Paladino says that alleged fraud committed will be uncovered and put Trump back in office, where he will continue to be one of the greatest presidents in the history of the country.

He says that Trump has accomplished more change in his four years as president than many have in their entire lives, and that includes projected presidential winner Joe Biden.

"You can't deny, he gets the job done," said Paladino. "That's something that will be a real challenge for a guy like Joe Biden. And it's not that I dislike Joe Biden, I just think that he's had his day. He's proved for 47 years that he's had very little involvement in good, constructive change for this country."

Paladino says that if Trump loses when all legal ballots are counted, he will concede, but he also says he has not spoken to the president in weeks.