For the first time, Charlie Tan is publicly admitting he killed his father and a member of his murder trial jury is reacting.

"I knew I had killed him," Tan wrote in an affidavit filed in federal court on Friday. The Pittsford Mendon High School graduate is fighting to have his federal weapons sentenced tossed out.  

Charlie Tan was not convicted of murder, and the case was dismissed after the jury deadlocked.  Tan was accused of killing his father, Jim Tan, inside the family's home in 2015. 



"I think for me, it’s like, finally. Finally...So I guess for me, yeah, this is my time to say, hey you know what you did the crime, now you do the time," said juror Beverly Beverly-Barclift tells Spectrum News.

Tan, who is now 24, is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence after he admitted he arranged the purchase of a shotgun that prosecutors said he later used to shoot and kill his father. 

Tan was later arrested on the federal weapons charge

In this recent court filing, Tan's new attorney argues his client's sentence should be thrown out based on years of abuse he and his mother suffered from his father.

The affidavit questions some of what his previous attorneys advised him to do and claims Tan's emotional and psychological state at the time of the killing played a role. 

In the affidavit, Tan said:

"I entered my parents' home through the back door, walked upstairs, turned into my father's office and shot my father three times as he was sitting at his desk. I knew I had killed him."

Spectrum News reached out to the attorneys who represented Tan during his murder trial, James Nobles and Brian DeCarolis, but both said they would not "have any comment on the appeal while it plays itself out."

Joel Rudin, Tan’s current attorney, also declined to comment.

Prosecutors have until early next year to respond to Tan's filing. Monroe County District Attorney's Office Chief of the Domestic Violence Bureau prosecuted the murder case against Tan. 

He says, “he admits he killed his father after shooting him three times with a shotgun. It’s a horrible, horrible act of violence for which it’s important that he serve a sentence for that and he did that because of his gun conviction."