Deposit is moving forward with plans to eliminate their department, which has some residents concerned.

It's a village rich in history and nature, but it's also on a tight budget. 

"We're low income, (with) a lot of elderly people so it's hard to tax everybody and you know that's going to affect them," said Mayor Bryan Moore.

After a village meeting Tuesday night, the board decided to move forward with plans to dissolve the Police Department. 

"This has come up year to year to year for as long as I've been involved which has been about six years. We've had trouble with the police department in the budget but not only in the budget but reliability," said Moore.

Currently, it’s a part-time police department that only has a handful of officers working consistently. The village is reaching out for help.

Broome County Sheriff deputies may be asked to fill the void. 

"Deposit is about thirty miles from Binghamton. But what we're going to do is actually station a deputy sheriff out there. I'll say like one and a half deputies will be working out there at least six of the seven days of the week," said Broome County Sheriff, David Harder.

Even with help from the sheriffs, some neighbors have concerns. Catharine Bush worries about her daughter going to class.

"With her being in school with the local police department not here, I mean they say it's like insurance. You have car insurance for a reason, you might use it you might not but it's there for when you need it," said Bush.

Lawmakers say the price may be right, when taxpayers look at their bills. 

"For once somebody would be getting a tax decrease instead of an increase. And I think for the most part you would be getting a more consistent coverage for law enforcement," said Moore.

The public can voice any concerns at a public meeting November 12th.