BUFFALO, N.Y. — Her wedding planner was supposed to be a book of memories by now.

It was a gift from some of Megan Frew's bridesmaids a few years ago.

She and her fiancé Lite Finocchiaro were supposed to get married in July of last year, but the pandemic got in the way. Now a little less than a year later, the wedding's finally just a few weeks out.

Even as late as last week, Megan wasn't entirely certain the wedding could go on. There were lots of rules: A cap of 150 people, dancing at pods at tables and testing for all the guests.

This week she got some of the best news she's heard in a while: the state is lifting many of those restrictions on May 19. 

The wedding is May 22.

"Some more friends will be invited but I don't think it's gonna get quite that large," Frew said.

She said with just a few weeks to go, they won't get anywhere near the new 250 person capacity limit, but there is one new rule she's particularly excited about.

"The ability to have a dance floor I think was really what turned our wedding more so into the fun party that we originally wanted and now are able to have," she said.

COVID complicated things but in the end she'll say, "I do."