The 22nd District representative stopped by a food drive in Binghamton on Friday.

"People are out of work, businesses are shut down, said Rep. Anthony Brindisi. "People are just not having the same income that they've had come in a few months ago. That puts a lot of demand on family's budgets."

What You Need To Know

  • Anthony Brindisi comments on the nation's current events
  • Brindisi believes there's a line between looting and peaceful protests
  • New federal legislation could provide funding for body cameras

But it's not the only concern people are talking about. Demonstrators across our nation are crying out for justice for George Floyd's death, and others like him. Protesters were dispersed recently at our nation's capital, after the president walked to a nearby church.

Brindisi said President Trump's actions were out of line.

"We should never be using tear gas and things like that on peaceful protesters for photo opportunities," he said. "So I would encourage every leader from the president on down to respect people's right to peacefully protest."

Representatives have brought federal police reform bills to the table in Washington. Brindisi says there should be national standards states abide by.

"Law enforcement is a very dangerous business, our police officers by and large do a good job protecting and serving our communities. Certainly, there are areas where we need to make reforms to improve relations with areas of color," said the congressman.

And part of that reform is calling for holding officers accountable. A new federal bill could provide funding for body cameras.

"I think body cameras are a huge deal, and I'd like to see every officer have a body camera. For their safety and the safety of the public,” he said.

Body camera funding would be included in the federal police reform bill.