President Donald Trump often boasts about the crowds at his rallies and Wednesday, it was warranted. People gathered hours ahead of his arrival at Erie Insurance Arena and thousands who couldn’t get in watched on a big screen from the lawn.

“I want to see for myself what’s going on, seems like a really exciting thing to see,” said Bill Ludwinek of Rochester.

Inside the arena, Trump talked about his administration’s accomplishments in the first two years including tax reform, imposing tariffs and the successful nomination and confirmation of two Supreme Court justices.

He spoke a lot about his successful 2016 campaign then turned his focus to the midterms. Trump urged Pennsylvanians to vote Republican for Congress and the U.S. Senate.

“Under Republican leadership American is booming, America is thriving, and America is winning like never before because we are finally putting America first,” he said.

The rally, while close to New York, was Pennsylvania-centric. However, plenty of Upstaters made the trip and say they enjoyed listening to the president.

“It was awesome. I really loved it,” said Jamestown resident Yuriel Issacovich. “Got some great pictures. Don’t have a picture of me standing with him but maybe next time.”

“Absolutely, worth the drive, the congestion, the hustle and bustle of trying to get into the place. The whole thing. It was very well worth it,” added Robb Will of Jamestown.

The president told reporters earlier in the day there was some deliberation over whether he would make the trip because he was dealing with the impact of Hurricane Michael, but ultimately he decided he couldn’t let down his supporters in Erie.