Although the 2018 legislative session doesn't begin until next month, state lawmakers were back at the Capitol this week for conferences — and the Republican tax plan was firmly on their minds. State House Reporter Zack Fink filed the following report.

Assembly Democrats held their first meeting in two months, with a look ahead toward next year and a discussion about the Republican tax plan in Washington.

Assembly Speaker Heastie said the tax overhaul could compromise the state's finances.

"It can if you put too many of the wealthier people in jeopardy," Heastie said. "If people now lose $30,000 to $40,000 of deductibility on their federal taxes, it can turn us into recession."

"It's going to have a negative impact on home values, on people's ability to sell their home," State Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle said. "This is essentially a war in Washington on places like New York State."

Gov. Andrew Cuomo had publicly attacked members of the state's Republican Congressional Delegation over the tax plan, even going so far as to call on them to resign.

"I think it's sad and it's kind of pathetic that he engages in that kind of discourse," Republican Congressman John Faso said in a radio interview with Talk 1300 AM.

Complicating fiscal matters going into next year is a projected $4.5 billion deficit.

"When the governor was first elected, we had a $10 million budget deficit and we found our way through that," Heastie said. "So we'll find our way through this."

In other news from at the State Capitol, Cuomo announced he will deliver his State of the State message in Albany on Jan. 3. That's a return to tradition and departure from last year when he held multiple State of the State messages across the state.