A new piece of technology in Broome County could make the COVID-19 cleaning process much easier.

Superior UVC is offering in-home services to residents looking to deep clean their homes.

With thousands of students returning in February, in the midst of a pandemic, cleanliness and sanitation becomes especially important.

“Cleanliness is kind of that old standard that’s being brought back to the frontlines, and so it is something as far as beyond just kind of washing your hands, but just ensuring that you’re wiping surfaces,” said Noel Smith, manager of 20 Hawley Street Leasing.

But a new tool is taking that cleaning one step further.

Superior UVC has now set up shop in Greater Binghamton, making it just its third location in the nation.

The company uses high-tech UV technology to kill all major pathogens, including COVID-19.

“Hospitals have actually used UV light technology for sanitation for decades and decades, and it’s a technology that’s been proven, it’s something that’s tried and true, but it hasn’t been available to the general public,” said Stephen Donnelly, Superior UVC partner.

That is until now.

Superior UVC brings its machines into any home or business while trained technicians operate the technology.

After strategically placing the units and stepping out of the room, the process is underway.

“We come in, we wheel them around, we actually plan out the positioning of the machines based on what’s going to give the maximum spread and what’s going to be the best way to go ahead and do they and then we actually perform the service. Most services, depending on square footage tend to be less than an hour we’re in and out,” said Donnelly.

Superior UVC is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.