Hospitals and nursing home workers have been at the front lines of this pandemic, people like Ron Patti.

"Everybody does this because they love what they do. And they love their residents, they love their jobs," said Patti, the executive director of Hilltop Campus.

First responders are usually recognized as local heroes. But through this pandemic, it's clear they're not alone, people like Dustin Ross.

"It's phenomenal the support we've received over the last several weeks. We couldn't do it without the community," said Ross, the director of Surgical Services at Lourdes Hopsital.

Broome County's first responders charged through the community, driving by every single hospital and nursing home. Workers came outside to watch.


"[It was] very moving and very grateful. We've been working very hard, we care and love our residents. And to see this kind of support ... is tremendous," said Patti.

The parade gave everyone watching a sense of hope for the future.

"To see the community drive by and wave and honk, it speaks volumes about where we live here in Broome County," said Ross.

"By being able to have this kind of support, it just moves you in a way that I don't think we ever thought we would be moved before," said Patti.