While health officials and emergency responders are being recognized frequently, let's not forget about the faithful cleaning services who are also helping keep us safe. The demand for cleaning products and workers is through the roof. Samuel Weir has experienced some changes in his job.

"A lot more activity, a lot more space to cover, this is a large building. I probably walk prior to this event six miles a day, I now walk somewhere between eight and ten miles a day," said Weir, a cleaner for The Night Shift in Endwell.

The Night Shift is one Southern Tier business having to shift gears. Weir says his workplace added a third shift to disinfect properly.

"Disinfecting every tactile surface we could possibly think of in here. All the way down to a TV remote control, all the buttons on the coffee maker," said Weir.

Cynthia Taylor cleans the Endicott Huron Campus. She thinks her co-workers are on the front lines too.

"Janitors, sanitation, maintenance, like we're not being acknowledged for the work that we do. We're coming right behind these doctors and nurses and people that have COVID-19 and cleaning behind them," said Taylor.

These workers say their main goal is to disinfect everything in sight.

"I've had people come up to me and say the elevator, the break room, the restrooms smell like a hospital room. And that's what we want, that's what we're going for is to disinfect every surface," said Weir.