The idea sparked from a desire to pitch in. Nick Hall from Water Street Brewing Company was getting a lot of questions from customers.

"I thought this was a nice way for people who have the means, and who are at home and aren't sure how to help out, to help out two industries with a single donation," said Hall.

Their favorite restaurants, like The Shop, and front line health care workers. 

"We are so proud to be part of this community. And part of this group of people who are really showing their best in a time that is obviously difficult for a lot of people," said The Shop Manager Thomas Marczewski.

Community members have already donated more than $2,000 to fund meals.

"We're enthusiastic about what we've seen so far. And we're excited to get more food out there to show support for our health care workers and see how much support we can raise moving forward," said Hall.

The first stop was Lourdes hospital in Binghamton. The Shop prepared more than 20 meals for emergency room workers to enjoy, and Hall executed the drop off Thursday evening.

"It really is amazing to see that response coming through. We're very happy, we're very thankful to the community," said Marczewski.

Many helping hands makes difficult times, a little easier. Want to help? Click here.