KIRKWOOD, N.Y. -- It's a growing industry across the nation.

Following the passage of the Farm Bill, hemp has become the go-to crop for new businesses.

  • Canopy Growth will move into former Shop Vac site
  • Hundreds of jobs are expected to be created
  • The move could come as soon as the middle of next year

Leaders in Broome County believe our region could become the epicenter of that industry.

Canada's largest cannabis producer Canopy Growth has announced it will soon move into the Fletchar Manufacturing site in Kirkwood. 

"It's already taking off across the country, throughout the world, the hemp industry and having Canopy come here and set up the operations is really going to establish Broome County I think as the Silicon Valley for hemp," said Jason Garnar, (D) Broome County Executive.

Canopy chose the Kirkwood site following a four month search.

The move into the Fletchar site comes just a month after its parent company Shop Vac announced it would exit operations this summer.

Canopy now plans to create hundreds of new jobs in various different fields.

"If you're into the technology side, if you're into the manufacturing or the agricultural and research side, I think what's exciting about this project is how it merges so many fields into one industry," said Stacey Duncan, Community and Economic Development Deputy Director.

Currently, Canopy is reaching out to local farmers to help grow the crop for their operations.

County Executive Jason Garnar expects the move to be a big boost to the farming industry.

"You've got farmers who have had some pretty tough struggles over the past couple of years. Now all of  sudden there's this new industry here and there's new life for farmers here," said Garnar.

Canopy's operations will be housed in a 300,000 square foot facility.

Many believe the company will purchase more buildings in the years to come.

"What I'm personally excited about is what this does to set us up for the attraction of more companies and fill more facilities here in Broome and really grow a vibrant hemp industrial park," said Duncan.

The site is expected to be up and running in mid-2020.