TAMPA, Fla. — Sunday marks day 23 of the government shutdown, which is now the longest shutdown in U.S. History

  • Day 23 of government shutdown; no end in sight
  • Congress to return to work on Monday
  • Impacts of shutdown being felt in Florida

Congressional members who did work last weekend are taking a break this weekend, and are expected to return on Monday. 

President Donald Trump spoke to Fox News Saturday night, calling this shutdown "ridiculous" and saying he could resolve it in 15 minutes if the Democrats come to the table and agree to his terms for the border wall. 

This comes as the impacts from the shutdown are being felt across the country, including Florida.

In Miami, a concourse was closed early Saturday at the airport because there were not enough TSA employees to work it.

A spokesperson with Miami International said security checkpoints in terminal "G" will remain closed through Monday and any flights scheduled to that gate will be relocated.

About 51,000 TSA officers are among the government employees working unpaid.

In the Bay area, federal employees at Tampa International Airport are being offered assistance from HART getting to and from work.  The company will be providing 500 31-day fare cards to support workers of TSA, FAA, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection to ease the hardship they are facing during the partial shutdowon. 

Senator Rick Scott is calling on his colleagues in Congress to furlough their paychecks during the shutdown.  Scott alread said he will be donating his salary.

Despite the assistance, some of the employees who are working without pay say they are fed up with Congress lagging to get things done. 

"I think the biggest problem most government employees have, I know border patrol agents have, with this government shutdown is the shutdown was announced on the 22nd and Congress went on vacation until the 27th. They came back for a day, and went on vacation again until the 3rd. And then they're off this weekend while our guys, and there's many, 800,000 people across the United States that are either furloughed or working with no pay while these guys are enjoying vacations and getting paid for it. These guys need to get to work and figure it out," Chris Cabrera, Border Patrol Agent, said. 
Members of Congress are expected to be back in Washington on Monday.