Four Elmira Enforcer hockey players that were accused of getting into a fight will not face charges.

The Chemung County District Attorney's office determined the hockey player punched an Elmira man last December in self-defense. An initial report claimed the hockey players "jumped" the victim.

Investigators now say the man approached the hockey players ready to fight and one of them responded by throwing a punch. The DA's office says the man who approached the hockey players was highly intoxicated.

Now the team wants to turn the page.

"We're here to be good citizens and by the sellout crowds that we had last game, we're less than 500 tickets away for tomorrow night,” said Elmira Enforcer’s owner Robbie Nichols. “The city's behind us and rallying and we're excited, we want to move forward with all the positive and good things we're doing."

The Enforcers did not take any disciplinary action against the players involved.