The customer is always right applies to most retail jobs.  For Cottage Gift Shops customers it won’t apply much longer.

Owner Tom Gorman, has decided to retire, and as he goes, so too will his ole country store.

“We had a three year plan. Then we were sitting on the couch the other night and decided, well, how about tomorrow,” said Gorman.

Gorman bought the store from his sister in law in 2004. She opened it in 1988. Gorman though it could be a toy store. In fact, a Hot Wheels collection is up for sale.

The shop hosts over 15,000 toy cars, quilts, dolls and candles.

“The reason that people are coming in and buying is because everything that we have is quality stuff. There’s nothing, nothing cheesy,” said Gorman.

He says they’ve sold a quarter's worth of merchandise in a week. One such customer getting a retirement discount deal is Tina Stevens. She was looking for priceless Williraye figurines.

“I was really excited to know that they were going to be half price so I wanted to come and take advantage of that and see what else was available,” said Stevens.

When asked what she thought about the final sale, she was emotional.

“Sad. It’s a very cute shop. It’s very kind of old world. And it’s fun to browse in.” said Stevens.

For Gorman, he’ll still come back to the store. The plan is to turn it into a space, with a hot tub or bar.

“This is a retirement sale, not a going out of business sale. So it’s a happy, happy sale. We’re selling to the bare walls,” said Gorman.

Though the shop will be closed, Gorman and his wife will be plenty busy. Instead of waiting on customers, they’ll be waiting on family, who are spread out across the country.

The Cottage Gift Shop is located right next to the Chemung County SPCA.