There's a new trustee ready to serve the village of Johnson City: Benjamin Reynolds is the youngest elected official in Broome County history.

Elected at 18 and sworn in on Tuesday at 19, Reynolds brings a new youthful perspective to the Johnson City Board.

The former class president of Johnson City High School now attends SUNY Oneonta.

His family said he's always had a passion to make a difference in the community, and wants to set a new standard for elected officials.

"I'm old enough to serve our country in our military, so I think I'm old enough to serve our village on the board. So I'm really excited to be that youngest official here in Broome County. Looking forward to set a precedent to have more young people run for office and hopefully we see that in the future,” said Reynolds.

The first board meeting is expected to be held on January 15 at 7:30 p.m.