Karrie Neurauter, Friday, learned the mercy of the law.

It’s been more than a year since she helped her dad kill her mom, then staged it to look like a suicide. Her father was sentenced to life without parole.

Karrie, though, was also one of the many victims in this case.

“As I said during Lloyd's sentencing there was some room for mercy in this case and the place for it was with Karrie. I think the ends of justice were met,” said Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker.

Karrie originally pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. In court, her defense asked for a lesser charge.

“She was expecting to be sentenced to a much longer term today and as we went through the process she was very, very emotional so. Her responses were consistent with what she went through and where she stood in this case,” said Baker.

It was the outcome her family was hoping for.

“Jean expressed it very well, her grandmother, during Lloyd's sentencing that, that’s what Michele would have wanted. That her daughter needed to pay a price but she also would want her to be able to go on with her life,” said Baker.

At her fathers, sentencing her grandmother said she’s starting to understand the consequences of her actions. And after Friday, Karrie's two sisters, won’t have to suffer another loss.

“I don’t know what normal will be like for them. I mean they’ve lost both of their parents and they have to go through kind of a, I called it the fog is clearing for them about who their father was,” said Baker.

At her sentencing Karrie learned, she’ll see her sisters again. And they will all need each other to move forward as a family.