Health officials are making yet another push to make sure everyone gets their flu shot.

It comes as part of National Influenza Vaccination Week.

The CDC typically recommends getting your shot before the end of October, but medical professionals say it’s not too late.

Last year was one of the deadliest on record, with more than 80,000 people dying from the flu. Broome County saw nearly 2,000 cases, with 500 coming in one month alone.

If you've yet to get a flu shot, local nurses say it's not too late.

"It's nicer to get it done a little earlier in the season so that you're protected a little earlier, but it is absolutely not too late to get it. The season hasn't begun to peak yet, and by getting your influenza vaccination now, you can protect yourself," said Broome County Public Health Nurse Marian Hollander.

The Broome County Health Department offers free flu shots to anyone who may need them.