A man has been arrested after swastikas were painted on and around Binghamton High School early Tuesday morning – Election Day. 

Binghamton Mayor Rich David said the city was directed to use every resource and tool available to find those responsible.

Authorities say the swastikas were painted just before 5 a.m. Tuesday.

William Richie was one of the people arrested for the vandalism, by Binghamton police.

A digital video was recovered by authorities, which included public cameras.

He is charged with multiple felony offenses, including aggravated harassment, and criminal mischief, which is designated as a hate crime.

An additional male suspect has been identified and remains at large. Officials aren't saying publicly who this person is, but the mayor said police know who he is. They say the two individuals were known to police.

There is no apparent political motivation, and the police chief says he doesn't believe the two targeted the school; they were just walking down the street.

The Binghamton school superintendent, Tonia Thompson, thanked the police for their quick work. Local Rabbi's in attendance thanked authorities for bringing people to justice. They said Binghamton is not a place for hatred and division and encouraged the community to spread love and bring more light.

"I think the only way to respond to such actions is by education and tolerance and just acting and adding in acts of love and light. We can't chase darkness with broomsticks. The only way to chase darkness is with adding in acts of love," said Rabbi Levi Slonim, Binghamton University Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life.

Binghamton High School students and staff have also come together to counter the message of hatred. They posted signs supporting diversity and love for all. The signs read, "You are are loved at BHS."

"Out of talking with the student body, what's important when we see images where words are hurtful. Images can heal and so it's important to take back the message in what we're sending to our students and sending to our community," said Thompson.


If you have any information on the other suspect police ask you to call 607-772-7080.