For one more week, voters will be bombarded with negative ads, and experts say they can make a difference in a close campaign. But, while many people say they despise the ads, there a few reasons why voters will keep seeing them. 

"The theory is you wait until the end when you need to actually throw a heavy punch, but the trend has been recently to start them earlier in campaigns especially locally," said Matthew Read, a LeMoyne College public relations and advertising professor.

So why do they work so well, according to the experts?

  • They lead viewers to learn more about campaign issues and policies.
  • The ads are more informative and memorable.
  • Positive ads focus more on the candidates and their backgrounds.
  • Technology helps political trackers promote candidates more.

As viewers watch the the ads for the final time this week, experts hope they listen closely to see who will best represent them.

"They should take away the issues that are being talked about and that those are issues the campaign wants you to think about it," said Shana Gadarian, a Syracuse University associate political science professor. "And think also about what are the positions that the candidate takes that you like and are close to your own values and policy positions."

Experts also want voters to pay attention to accuracy.

They say some ads have tag lines to find out more information.

Or simply, do your own research.