Some Elmira High school students are getting a lesson in hard work.

Students from Notre Dame High School spent part of Tuesday doing yard work at Elmira's civil war prison camp site. For many, it was their first time visiting the site. Organizers hope they walk away feeling like they made a difference.

"For them to actually be able to do something where they feel like they have given is enormous so these opportunities where they are out giving of themselves - their own time, talent, and blood sweat and tears these are wonderful lessons for them to take with them as they go to college," said Karen Jennings, Notre Dame Junior High School Director.

“We need all the volunteers we can possibly interest in our project and it really helps us to make the place real nice. And help us better tell the story of what was on the site,” said John Trice, Friends of the Elmira civil war prison camp, VP.

Other cleanup groups picked up Woodlawn cemetery and The Tanglewood nature center.