The next two weekends will bring a sea of Orange to the Syracuse University Hill, but the city is warning that parking violations will not be taken lightly. 

The city of Syracuse and university officials want to remind fans to stick to the street parking requirements, after there was an increase in illegal parking violations earlier in the SU football season. 

Syracuse football plays the University of North Carolina Saturday, October 20 and the folliwing weekend they'll take on North Carolina state onb October 27. Homecoming and family weekend will bring tons of fans and relatives to the SU campus, which means parking will be limited. 

SPD officers will be assigned for traffic management before and after the games to make sure parking is enforced.

Ways to GET a parking ticket or be towed to try avoiding:

  • Vehicles parked on city streets that violate the alternate side of the street parking
  • Anyone parked in Thorden Park where the traffic barrels are placed to prevent illegal parking
  • Cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, etc. blocking driveways
  • Vehicles using handicap parking spots without authorization
  • Those who are parking within 10 feet of a fire hydrant or preventing passage of public safety equipment

Fines you face for illegal parking: 

  • Meter overtime - $30
  • No parking zone - $40
  • Blocking hydrant - $55
  • Unauthorized handicap parking - $105

Officials say planning ahead and arriving early are your best bets when it comes to parking on the hill. Paid parking is available in the garages located near campus.