A major grocery store is closing its doors on Elmira’s Southside. After declaring bankruptcy, Tops chose to close a number of stores.

It’s the only large grocery store in the neighborhood. There is a small Aldi’s across the street. But as far as larger stores are concerned, Wegmans and a Weis are on the Northside, so still a little bit of a trip for shoppers who don't drive.

The inside of the Tops market on the Southside is practically empty. Signs say the store will officially close at or around October 20th. Other Tops in the area include Southport, Corning and Sayre.

City manager Mike Collins said his office and the mayor are working with the owners of the plaza. That, they do plan on working together to bring in possibly another grocery store. There have been a couple of ideas but nothing solidified.

Shoppers said with are just disappointed with the news.

“We got people over there that are crippled and they can't get to Southport. It's a very sad situation,” said Betty, an Elmira resident.

"I was sad you know. Cause I really get all my stuff over here. Cause that's the closest grocery store," said James Bailey, an Elmira Resident.  

Collins said the transportation department is working on creating new bus routes to take people to the Weis supermarket.