Broome County leaders are making improvements to neighborhoods by getting rid of some eyesores.

County Executive Jason Garnar announced that 14 blighted properties will be sold for demolition.

Nine houses were sold to the city and five properties were sold to the Broome County Land Bank.

Usually a foreclosed house owned by the county is auctioned off, but the legislature agreed to sell the properties instead.

Garnar says the houses are not suitable for living and getting rid of them could improve safety.

"These properties attract crime people are using drugs in these properties these are abandon properties that are never going to be used again to be able to house people." said Broome County Executive, Jason Garnar

The county sold an additional property to a private contractor.

That property is adjacent to the VA Clinic. 

Plans are to demolish that and expand the parking lot at the VA.

The locations of properties being sold are:

  • 4 Amsbry St.
  • 56 Holland St.
  • 19 Franklin St.
  • 26 Lyons St.
  • 164 Murray St.
  • 5 Crandall St.
  • 86 Pine St.
  • 13 Vine St.
  • 15 Delavan Ave.
  • 1223 Vestal Ave.
  • 21 Milford St.
  • 32 Hayes St.
  • 3 King Ave.
  • 76 Park Ave.