A local teen celebrated her senior night at the Whitney Point volleyball game Wednesday.

But for Danielle Hartford, the night had extra significance.

It wasn't long ago that she thought she might not ever be able to play sports again. Danielle injured her knee in 7th grade.

She's had three surgeries since and recently, needed a meniscus transplant, a rare and complicated surgery.

Thanks to Doctor Micah Lissy of UHS, she was cleared to return to the team after surgery.

She invited Doctor Lissy to Wednesday's game to say thank you.

"I'm really honored that he came,” said Hartford. “I mean like I said he's the reason that I'm playing tonight and I owe it to him to invite him for the biggest night of my season"

"This is any movie that you watch where there's a competitor or an athlete who's been dealt a really tough blow and then has to fight back," said Lissy.

According to Dr. Lissy, this type of surgery has only been done about 5 times in the last 10 years.