The City of Binghamton is continuing its efforts to combat blight starting with properties in flood hazard areas.

Mayor Rich David kicked off a series of demolitions Thursday morning.

He knocked down a property on Duke Street, one of 14 buildings to be demolished.

The $1.5 million project is funded by FEMA.

Funds will also be used to help relocate families who lived in the properties. 

"These are homes that have been flooded. These are families that have been impacted. I don't think it's right to put families, children and seniors in homes that we know have a history of flooding. Binghamton has a variety of housing opportunities available. There are many other places for people to live in the City of Binghamton," sand Mayor David (R).

Some of the soon-to-be vacant properties will be leased by VINES to expand their Urban Farming.

All 14 properties are expected to be knocked down by the end of the year.