ENDICOTT, N.Y. -- An indoor farm in the Endicott was awarded $2 million to expand their production across the Southern Tier.

AgZeit was founded last year at the site of the former Linnaeus West Elementary school.

Since then, they've partnered with the district's Tiger Ventures alternative school, to provide training and farming opportunities to students.

The local start-up offers fresh, organically grown produce to local grocers and restaurants.

Thanks to this funding, they plan to purchase two more locations in the county.

The company's CEO says their recent growth will allow them to offer high-paying jobs to students, following graduation.

"The intent will be we will have a readily trained available workforce to come work full-time for us. That's again a tremendous opportunity. It's investing back into our community. It's investing in our futures," said Jim Dutcher, AgZeit Indoor Farms CEO.

AgZeit's 600 square foot facility produces the equivalent of 5 seasonal acres.