BINGHAMTON, N.Y. — Safety is critical at every school.

In Broome County, a new school resource officer program won't just protect students: the goal is to help mentor them as well.

"We want to teach good behaviors and have good positive role models. Not everybody has a good positive role model or someone they can talk to about certain issues,” said Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell.

This year, seven schools are participating in the program.

Ten officers will begin working in schools throughout the county.

The idea of working with students is already being put to the test at Whitney Point.

"Our SRO has taken on the idea of being a resource to the school. He definitely engages with students, but at the same time I see a high level of him making sure he's everywhere and every place he can be and really looking out, looking at the things he needs to look for to really protect our schools,” said Patricia Follette, Whitney Point Central School District superintendent.

School resource officers will not only provide an immediate sense of security, but also help educate students.

This idea has already shown positive results in the Windsor Central School District.

"In partnering with Broome County we've seen the results of those relationships that build over time and it's just one of many components of a comprehensive approach to school safety and security that we employ,” said Dr. Jason Andrews of Windsor Central School District.