VESTAL, N.Y. -- Residents in Vestal Center are still looking for answers following yet another major flood.

Nearly 100 homes were hit, with several roads and bridges taking heavy damage.

Many, now feel left behind.

"In my eyes, this is my opinion, I feel I'm getting the run around. It seems like other people are getting help and we're not getting help, like we're being hung out to dry," said Rob Robertson, Vestal Resident.

The bulk of this flooding is being linked to the overflow of Choconut Creek.

It travels more than 60 miles through northern Pennsylvania, with the final 11 ending in Vestal Center.

"When that water comes up over 8 feet, we can't control it. It's not our river that we have a little control of. It's a big funnel grabbing all that 66 miles of water, dumping in that little spot," said John Schaffer, (D) Vestal Town Supervisor.

Officials say constructing a flood wall in the area could cost 15 million dollars.

In the meantime, the town says any short term cleanup is being restricted due to DEC regulations.

"We're controlled by the water, the pollywogs, and the crayfish. That seems to be higher on the list than the people's homes. I don't understand it for the life of me," said Schaffer.

But that hasn't stopped some residents from taking the job into their own hands.

"We've got to work as a community here. We're a whole community. Everybody has to work together and pitch in. That's all I'm trying to do with my time is pitch in," said Robertson.

While these homes continue to get hit with massive flooding, they are currently not eligible for any buyouts and FEMA has no plans to provide them with any funding.

"I'd like to see someone come out here and give us as a community a hand. We can't do it by ourselves. We're trying, but I will get the necessary permits that I can do," said Robertson.

Cleanup on roads and sewers is expected to take around two months.

Broome County has lifted its state of emergency.