CONKLIN, N.Y. -- Typically quiet creeks continue to roar, a day after flash flooding hit the Southern Tier.

It’s day one of cleanup following Tuesday’s heavy flooding, but some Broome County residents are now left wondering what their next step is going to be. 



Many of the people staying at the Kirkwood Motel were forced to evacuate into shelters as rain came up into their rooms. 

One who was staying at the motel recalled seeing a little bit of water coming into her room, and before she knew it, that water was above her bed and nearly above her waist. 

She and many others from the motel were then quickly evacuated to nearby shelters. 

One man from New Jersey had just moved to the area and was staying at the motel temporarily but now – he’s lost everything.  But, like many others, he’s keeping his faith alive.  

“It was devastation at first and the weird thing was my Bible was on the nightstand. I looked over and I had a little thing on my Bible that said, ‘Keep calm. Jesus is in the boat.’ So I was at ease after that,” said Thomas Bennett, who was staying at Kirkwood Motel.

Members of the Red Cross say they’ll remain in the shelters as long as they need to supply their services. 

En-Joie Golf Club saw two inches of rain forcing practice to be cancelled.



The first round of the Dick's Sporting Goods Open is set to begin on Friday.

Broome County is under a state of emergency Wednesday, and a big part of that is due to the situation in Conklin.

Emergency crews were busy throughout the day rescuing people stranded Tuesday. A total of 12 families were saved as water poured into homes along Conklin Road.

Officials even issued an evacuation at one point for residents in the Blue and Pride Manor mobile home park and along Stillwater Road, where 75-to-100 homes are affected.

At Conklin Town Park, water levels nearly reached the top of the little league baseball fence (pictured).

Several roads also remain blocked off as crews continue to battle rising water.

One person watched as her father was rescued from a barn.

"I'm grateful for all these people who came out and helped everybody and everybody's getting saved and everyone's going to be OK and I see my dad over there, so everything should be alright,” said Kyleigh Lord, a Conklin resident.

Three shelters remain open for evacuees in the Southern Tier region. They include Harpursville Baptist Church, Vestal American Legion Post 89 and Watkins Glen Central High School.

Residents at the Fountain Bleau Mobile Home Park were some of the hardest hit in Broome County.  Floods forced them to evacuate their homes yesterday.

For those who returned home, they found themselves stranded.

The rise in the creek combined with fast moving water caused some stability concerns with bridges entering into this area. Therefore, the Department of Transportation blocked off the roads, resulting in people not being able to get in or out of the area.

DOT leaders and representatives from the Governor’s office met with residents who were stranded. They eventually opened the bridge with limited access, allowing only one car is allowed on the bridge at a time and the vehicle must go at a walking pace.

Homeowners aren't the only ones assessing the damage from this week's flash floods. Many business owners are in clean up mode as well, including Michelangelo's on Binghamton's Court Street.

This isn't the first time the owner has had to deal with flooding.

Mike Hadlick says he's experienced it four times. He estimates the latest damage between $40,000 and $50,000, which doesn't include business lost while it's closed.

Disaster recovery teams are helping clean up the mess and recover what they can.

So after four floods, the big question is, will the restaurant move?

"I think about it every day, every time I look at the radar and see rain in the forecast I have a panic attack,” said Hadlick. “But we do really well here. We have a good reputation and we're very well loved here on this side of town. If I am going to move I'd want to move somewhere here, but we'll think about that when the time comes."

Hadlick hopes to open up for delivery by Tuesday.