DEPOSIT, N.Y. -- Flash flooding is to blame for a train going off the tracks in the Southern Tier Thursday morning.

Multiple cars derailed, with two spilling 4,000 gallons of deisel into the Delaware River.

Officials say flash flooding overnight left debris on the tracks in the town of Deposit.

According to the Susquehanna and Western Railway Corporation, tracks are inspected almost daily.

But a spokesperson says it can be difficult to prepare for a situation like this.

We’re told heavy rain caused a culvert to collapse which caused 16 cars to derail.

Two crew members were on board that train when it detailed but were told they weren’t injured.

A culvert is a tunnel used to let water to flow under the railway.

Officials say no one was hurt, but there were hazardous materials on board, forcing them to evacuate houses in the immediate area.

Right now, they don't believe the contents leaked out, but there was diesel fuel leaking into the river as a result of the crash.

Some believe action needs to be taken.

"The town and the county ought to ask some questions of the railroad. I know our town is already in touch with our state legislators and members of congress and I think we need to bring as many people into the discussion here as possible," said Jeff Skelding, Friends of the Upper Delaware River Executive Director.

Work could continue for the next couple of days, but traffic is now back to two lanes on Route 17.