Broome County leaders are hopeful for a cleaner, safer future, as the number of overdose deaths declines.

The District Attorney's Office says there were 13 deaths since the beginning of this year. 

It's a drop from 39 at the same time last year, and 36 in 2016.

There were no deaths in February or May.

Of all the deaths, 10 involved heroin or other opioids.

Nine of them were in the city of Binghamton.

The DA says there is lower demand, more treatment options and more dealers are being targeted by law enforcement.

He says the team effort is leading to positive results, and they hope the number of deaths will soon be zero.

"That's the goal," said Steve Cornwell, the Broome County district attorney. "Keep pushing and not give up on it, and hopefully we can get to a point where it's not the major public health crisis that it once was."

Cornwell says they put nearly 1,000 people into treatment, which also helps reduce crime.