The swimming season is off to a bit of a late start, for swimmers and installers alike.

A delayed schedule means pool installers are working around the clock to catch up.

That constant labor comes at a price, but the weather backup isn't the only thing causing the cost of pools to climb.

President Trump has threatened tariffs on steel and aluminum. Those tariffs have not been activated yet, but the mere threat of them has caused a spike in prices in the region.

"The raw steel in North America has increased by over 20 percent, and it's resulted in an 11 percent increase to us,” said Cliff Malzman, president of Cannon Pools and Spas in North Syracuse. "I don’t know if the tariffs will ever be implemented or not, but our consumers are going to be left with a price increase."

When President Trump first announced the possible tariffs, he sent a letter out to all of his customers explaining what he says is the biggest price jump he's ever seen. He thinks the threat of the tariffs has missed its mark.

"It affects small businesses,” he said. “It affects people in the street. So if the idea is to save American jobs, I don’t think it’s doing that, i think it'll cost American jobs."

Malzman also said he doesn't think these tariffs are a Republican versus Democrat issue, instead he says it's a national issue that people forget will affect them locally.