STATEWIDE -- Superintendents from across the state are remaining hopeful, as the senate passes a comprehensive school safety package.

The first part of the package includes creating a school resource officers education aid program.

Districts would be authorized to receive state funding to hire a current or retired members of law enforcement.

Another part includes the security hardware aid program, providing schools with funding for new technology to make their buildings more safe.

Finally, the package creates a new mental health services coordinator aid program, which would provide districts with $50,000 in state funding.

Superintendents said while the package may be bold, it's needed now more than ever.

The senate-passed school safety package will now be sent to the assembly.

Here are some highlights from the package:

  • Create a School Resource Officers Education Aid Program and Grant Availability
  • Improving School Safety with Infrastructure Investments
  • Security Hardware Aid Program
  • Improve the Smart School Bond Act Allocation Process
  • Guardians for Schools License Plate
  • Increasing Access to School-Based Mental Health Services
  • Create a New Mental Health Services Coordinator Aid Program and Grants
  • Expanding State Action to Protect Schools Against Attack
  • Define School Shootings as Terrorism and Improve Intelligence to Prevent Attacks