A tractor trailer ban that irked drivers across upstate New York has been lifted.

Drivers had been banned from driving on I-81, I-88 and the Thruway.

In Central New York, officials were most concerned about areas from LaFayette to Tully. There are steep inclines and possible wind gusts that could make it difficult for trucks to travel. 

State Troopers pulled over and issued tickets to multiple drivers violating the ban.

Many truck drivers were not happy about the regulations. They used alternative routes such as Route 11. Drivers said the ban put many behind schedule. 

"Well, I'm on an electronic log, so we have to complete our driving within a certain time within a 14-hour limit," said truck driver Joseph Hall. "So, I'm going to be cutting it close because I've got a long drive. I've got to go like four more hours."

The travel ban could be lifted depending on the impact of the storm.