The Farm Sanctuary is going from 175 acres to just over 270 acres. With the additional space it'll be less crowded for the animals, but they'll also be able to rescue more animals.

The expansion comes as the Farm Sanctuary prepares to close its facilities in Northern California. National Director Susie Coston said that facility just wasn't convenient. Also that most of the 300 acres was unusable due to the terrain. They’ll transfer around 200 animals from that shelter to the Watkins Glen site by the end of the year. Coston said the site will be perfect for the animals.

"You know, trying to cool barns so much that we were, it just became this impossible thing to keep everybody comfortable," said Coston. "And we're here and it's such an amazing, amazing place. It's like really magical here, lots of grass and we're really close to Cornell. We're 45 minutes away from like the best vet hospital for these farm animals."

There is still a lot of work to be done. Coston said they just finished designing some of the barns.