A $4.4 trillion spending plan is designed to cut taxes over the next decade and also includes a big increase in defense spending. It follows another agreement, passed by lawmakers in Congress last week, to end the government shutdown.

The bill calls for a $300 billion boost in spending, with about $160 billion toward military programs. It barely passed, with around 43 percent voting no. Among the no votes was Congressman Tom Reed.

Reed visited veterans Monday, handing out cards at the Bath VA. Reed started the 'Valentines for Vets' tradition 11 years ago. He said taking care of veterans is one of his top priorities.

Reed added that the biggest threat to our national security is our national debt.

"We stood with our vets. We stood with our national defense. Our record is clear," Reed said. "But when that deal came forward last week, my concern is that we’re at the beginning of the end of this debt crisis. The debt crisis is going to overcome our ability to put the resources to our vets, to our national defense and to our non-defense lines."