ENDWELL, N.Y. -- Nick Sorrenti carried the ball through two state championships and a record 62-game win streak for Maine-Endwell High School.

But just a few years back, his football career was cut short, after he suffered his fifth concussion at Hartwick College.

He then started writing, and just last month, he published his first book, which sold 3,500 copies in three weeks. Sorrenti is now hoping to spread his motivational story to students across the state.

"I really want to try to bring them together and make them realize that life’s an amazing thing, and one thing doesn't define you and you just have to keep pushing to overcome some things, and things will work out in the end," Sorrenti said.

Sorrenti's book "How to Kill a Murderer" is available online and at Barnes & Noble. He’ll host a book signing next Friday night at the Riverdale Banquet Hall in Endwell from 7-9 p.m.